Restoration & Woodgraining Services

Restoration Services

At Adamco Motorsports we believe in doing auto body repair and restoration the right way.  That’s why many of our customers come to us after substandard work has been done on their car at another shop.

While there is a place in the automotive world for “quicky” paint jobs and there are customers whose budgets do not allow for a better quality than that, we are not the shop for many of those projects and recommend to those customers that they look for another shop that may fit their needs better than we would.  Simply put, if we can’t repair or restore your car the right way, we won’t take the project on.

Our reputation is important to us.  We want the work that we do to represent our standards and to hold up over time and, more importantly, for you to be happy with our work over the long haul.

Our shop operates and bills on a time and materials basis.  Our shop rate is $60.00 hourly. All supplies & materials are billed at our cost plus 20%.  All parts are billed at our cost plus 10%.

If you are considering a restoration project on your car or truck, bring it by or give us a call!

Contact Troy or Steve at 208-665-2112.


Woodgraining Services

Custom Woodgraining

We offer quality woodgraining services for your restoration using the latest Grain It Techonologies methods.  This means that your part will be woodgrained as it was at the factory, using wood graining plates and roller applicators (not hand painted).  We use nothing but the best products from substrate on up to the base and clear coat.


$1200.00 to $2500.00 depending on size and condition

Garnish Moldings

$120.00 to $250.00 each depending on size and condition

Contact Troy or Steve at 208-665-2112.